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Spanish Community Outreach


In an effort to bring our Spanish teacher's talents to the outside community, Dancing Moose supports the Spanish teacher with the following events to highlight the Spanish culture:  

  • Each quarter, the Spanish teachers hosts a reading event at the South Salt Lake library that features a children’s book in Spanish.  She then showcases an art activity to support the book and highlight the Spanish culture.  Dancing Moose and the South Salt Lake Library will advertise this event. 
  • In May, Dancing Moose will encourage families to attend the Living Traditions Festival, which is a three-day cultural event with music, food, arts and crafts of Salt Lake’s ethnic communities.  The Spanish teacher will coordinate a field trip with Dancing Moose children to enjoy the festival during the Spanish celebration.  She will also reach out to the developers of the Living Tradition Festival to contribute to the Spanish activities.
  • Ms. Macerena will extend children’s experiences at Dancing Moose by performing a play entitled, "don quijote de la mancha.”  This play will take place in the morning for the youngest children at Dancing Moose, then parents will be invited to attend the performance in the evening.
  • The 1-K community race designed for young children and their families will take place the first week in June.  It will be the 10th annual race where the public is invited to support healthy habits in young children.  500-800 people generally attend.  The theme this year will celebrate Spain’s Running of the Bulls, Pamplona.  A few of our teachers will wear fun bull masks to follow students through the streets.  Ms. Macerena will have the opportunity to showcase the Spanish culture with educating students prior to the event and then hosting a Spanish booth at the event educating the public to the Spanish tradition.  Students will also perform some Spanish songs, such as donde están las llaves, debajo de un botón, Antón pirulero, la gallina turuleta.  During this public, family event, Ms. Macarena will teach popular children’s games such as gallinita ciega, corro de la patata, Paloma blanca y Paloma negra, veo y veo, escondite ingles, and el pañueloSpanish Culture
  • For the community Scarecrow Festival, an October harvest fundraiser in the West Valley Community Garden, Ms. Macarena’s class will make a scare crow in Spanish apparel to celebrate traditional cultural dress in Spain.  Families will bid on the Scarecrows, and the Spanish Scarecrow will include ticket donations to a restaurant that features Spanish food (donations for food are yet to be determined).  Children in Ms. Macarena’s class will recite poems such as Gloria fuertes in Spanish, and Spanish music will be played in the background during the event.

Dancing Moose is excited to bring the beautiful Spanish culture to the public with the help of their Spanish teacher, Ms. Macerena.  

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Community-Garden-LogoCommunity Gardens are growing in popularity across the nation.  This new craze may be attributed to a number of unique advantages including the opportunity for community involvement and service, growing healthy, organic, delicious produce, and educating adults and children on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Dancing Moose children are delighted to see how seeds germinate and grow into plants.  They enjoy watering plants and learning how they develop to produce beautiful fruits and vegetables.  The best part of the process is the pure enjoyment that comes from eating the organic produce that promotes healthy growth and development. 

These are all reasons that the Dancing Moose Community Garden was organized, and it continues to delight children and their families as they participate in the plant growing process.  This is one of the important aspects of the Dancing Moose commitment to children’s healthy lifestyles.  

Garden Director: Nichole Mathews 


Registration Information:

For more information on how to join the Dancing Moose Community garden, please email Nichole at Plots are available to school families, employees and community members.

Paul-Brown-Architect-Rendition-Dancing Moose Gardens4 x 12 foot raised bed garden plot Garden Benefits include:

  • soil
  • irrigation
  • water
  • access to garden tools
  • access to compost when available

Dancing Moose Community Garden Wins 2012 Medal for Best of State



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**As of September 2017, we have openings at our River Park, South Jordan location in our Mandarin Kindergarten Class.  To inquire, please call at (801) 968-0100. **

We are currently offering dual language opportunities for ful time M-F students preschool aged and older.  Our Lake Park location offers programs in Spanish and our River Park location offers programs in Spanish and Mandarin.  

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Children have flourished in their dual language classrooms that were initiated in the fall of 2011, and our upcoming academic year will continue full time Spanish and Mandarin Immersion as part of a Dual Language classrooms.  Two teachers will alternate teaching core curriculum in each language, providing the perfect opportunity for children to excel in both languages as they learn from a teacher whose first language is English and a second teacher whose first language is Spanish or Mandarin.

Dual Language Academic Goals

The majority of children in the preschool and kindergarten dual language classroom speak English as a first language.  The primary academic goal will be to support Kindergarten core objectives in English and supplement activities in Spanish or Mandarin on a daily basis.  Children will work on class activities in both their second language and English; one teacher will speak in English and the other will speak primarily Spanish or Mandarin in the classroom; language arts and mathematics instructional materials will be available in both English and the second language. 

Academic Research Supports the Dual Language ClassroomMillie resized for web

Dancing Moose is not introducing a new concept with its Dual Language classroom, but it is certainly taking advantage of the momentum of quality programs around the country that are capitalizing on children’s enhanced creativity and analytical thinking in a Dual Language program.  Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas, noted researchers in Dual Language programs, have documented that children exposed to a second language learn at a more rapid rate.  Bilingual researcher Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto stated that “several studies have linked bilingualism to improved working memory, which is associated with reading and math skills.” 

In research conducted at Nanjing University in China, bilingual seven-year-old children outperformed their monolingual peers on two working memory tests—one requiring them to recall and rearrange a series of numbers and the other to retrace a pattern of hops made my an animated frog on a computer screen.  Researchers say that the best way to become proficient in a second language is to start young and practice often (Scientific American Mind, July/August, 2011)

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What Our Parents Say

  • Jamie & Ken B:  Too many great things to narrow it down to just a few lines! But we'll try!  We love that all the teachers and administrators are always smiling and positive - it sets the stage for a great learning environment for our child and let's us know that they truly care about all the children.

  • Keith W:  Moving here from the east coast, we were concerned about finding the proper level of education for our daughter. Dancing Moose was just opening and when we did our tour, Dr. Joyce impressed me with her professionalism,enthusiasm, and academic prowess. We started our daughter in the toddler class and never looked back. Now, four years later we have both our children in Dancing Moose and could not be more pleased. Not only is the education second to none, and I would apply that not to only utah, but the entire country, the family atmosphere is phenomenal. I would recommend Dancing Moose to all toddler to 2nd grade children.  I can not understand why anybody would go anywhere else.

  • Alexis J:  Aislynn loves going to school at Dancing Moose, she's excited every day to tell me or any other adult near her what she did in school that day.  I love the flexibility the teachers are allowed, how every student gets to work at their own pace and none of them seem overwhelmed or bored.

  • Cherie M:  I commute everyday to the Dancing Moose, usually about 20 minutes each way from my Holladay home. Though commuting is not my favorite activity, I have found it is worth every second of my time. My son, Liam Emsley, is so happy when I pick him up and drop him off, sometimes I have to convince him it is time to leave school and go home! The state of the art facility is top notch, the teachers are warm and friendly, the school lunch/snack program is the best I found when I was researching school options. Needless to say, I am a big fan of the Dancing Moose!

  • Michelle M:  Our family loves the Dancing Moose Montessori for so many reasons.  The most important reason, is that our son absolutely loves his teachers and the other staff. We love the diversity and acceptance of students and staff and we also love that the Moose is community oriented and working on a "green" future. 

  • Shannon C:  Transplants to UT from OR.  This is our second year at DMM.  We feel safe, comfortable, love coming to school everyday to learn from a FANTASTIC curriculum,  really enjoy the flavors from Chef Renee, organic gardening and most of all the consistent unconditional love from each teacher with our little ones!  Thank you Dancing Moose for providing my children a great early childhood educational experience!

  • Christian M:  Dancing Moose distinguishes itself in the quality of academic education the school provides to young children, and also in the environment it creates for learning to occur.  Perhaps most-importantly, our son loves it!

  • Chris P:  Some of the things I like best about Dancing Moose have nothing to do with what goes on in the classroom.  I like that the place is wind powered, has a community garden and has a chef making food from scratch every day.  These are manifestations of values which I hold dear.  I am happy that Dancing Moose shares these values.

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