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Best of State 2014

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 03:06

Jennifer Duffield received "Best of State" Administrator for 2014.

Jenn is more than an administrator at Dancing Moose. You will often see her in the classroom teaching and assisting, in the halls talking with teachers and parents, but most of all connecting with the children as they enter the school. She knows the children on a personal level, she knows her teachers and her parents, and that is how a community is built! We love you Jenn.

As the Executive Director at Dancing Moose Montessori School (DMMS), Jennifer Duffield has a Montessori teaching credential in toddler as well as early childhood education.  These certifications provide a foundation for Jennifer’s overseeing day-to-day operations.  Her academic background in chemistry (Bachelor of Science) and business (Master of Business Administration) supports her role as director of faculty and staff.  She has conducted research and collaborated with numerous individuals in early childhood education to develop best practices for DMMS.
Jennifer also directs personnel hiring and evaluating teacher performance to ensure quality and identify areas for further training.  She organizes and administers in-service training to follow through with quarterly reports on performance goals and objectives.  Her highest priority is to maintain positive relations with parents and community members.  

Jennifer been the primary liaison to involve Dancing Moose in community outreach programs, such as Deseret Industries contributions, fund raising for the Utah Food Bank, Utah Animal Shelter, Utah Coalition for Healthy Weight (which is part of the Dancing Moose effort to help children develop habits for a healthy lifestyle), and tuition scholarships for low income families.
During her Westminster College MBA program, Jennifer wrote the Dancing Moose business plan.  She continues to attend Quarterly conferences to ensure that Dancing Moose is not only an ideal choice for children and families, but is a supportive and innovative workplace for teachers.

As a measure to maintain teacher quality and satisfaction, Jennifer conducts annual review meetings with teachers and has an open door policy to listen and make workplace adjustments as needed.  She conducts weekly coordination teacher meetings to improve communication and teacher trainings on Saturdays to further the education of her teachers.

Jennifer remains an active member of the MBA Alumni Board at Westminster College.  In the fall of 2010, she participated in a semester long course that allowed MBA students to analyze the Dancing Moose business model.  She made multiple presentations to the class and invited them to visit the school.  Students ended their class by writing consultant reports for Dancing Moose.
In April 2010, Jennifer was invited to be a keynote speaker for Westminster's Entrepreneurial Lecture Series for over 100 individuals to offer advice about the Dancing Moose business model.  In June 2012, she participated in a video interview for an online entrepreneurial college course.  In September 2013, she was invited to be on a "star alumni" as part of Westminster's Business School's 25th anniversary celebration.