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Tears at Graduation

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 18:13

Tears at Graduation- Life Lesson

Graduation was beginning for the second graders at Dancing Moose, beautiful white gowns were being donned by each child. Smiles and laughter filled the room in anticipation of the event. These children had spent most of the last 5 years together learning, growing and maturing at Dancing Moose. 
As the ceremony was about to begin one child was missing from the group. Her cap and gown and was not white, it was green. With tears streaming down her face she was not going to participate because she did not fit in with the other graduates. Their was nothing that could be done. 
She was my little girl, and my heart ached for her. I had had brought the wrong color of gown. She felt so alone. There was nothing I could to make this right - it was the girls of her second grade class that made the difference.
Each of the second grade girls exchanged their cap and gown for green so that all of the girls would be wearing green and the boys would be in white. The tears quickly dried up and my daughter no longer felt alone. She was surrounded by people who loved and sacrificed so she could feel like she belonged.
That day graduation was not about the diplomas it was about the kindness, love and respect that had been developing in these children over the last 5 years. That day will never be forgotten. 
These girls will remember graduation because of the way they each felt as they embraced my little girl when she felt alone. That is not something that can easily be duplicated. 
As she walks away from Dancing Moose as a graduate, my heart is full. I know she has been given an incredible education but I also know that she has been given experiences that have taught her to be kind, and respectful of others. To look out for those in need and to be willing to except difference and be confident in who she is.