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Our Playground at Dancing Moose

playground_1The spacious playground features equipment that offers a variety of activities for several children at the same time. Safety is a guiding principal on the playground--the play area is covered with a rubberized, cushioned soft fall area. The equipment gives children a variety of playground options from simple to more challenging play events, allowing children to develop skills as they play.

The playground also features tricycles for children to ride along a winding path on a designated area of the playground. Traffic signs help to create a realistic environment, and serve as a learning tool to help children become skilled at identifying and understanding the purposes of basic traffic signs.

Dancing Moose's outdoor amphitheatre provides a setting where children's imaginations soar as they choreograph plays for each other and for parent programs.  The grassy, rolling hills are perfect for active play with elevations to help toddlers improve their balance and gross motor skills.

Following are pictures of our commercial grade equipment manufactured by Little Tikes Commercial.

play_preschool_equipmentplay_toddler_equipmentplay_priderock play_4_seat_tetter