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Jennifer Duffield, MBA, Director of Dancing Moose

Friday, 28 November 2008 02:46
Published in About Us
Written by  Troy

Jennifer has experience in preschool education that assists her in overseeing day-to-day classroom operations for DMMS. She has been a teacher at an upscale traditional preschool and has acted as an interim director at Springstone Montessori School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her academic background in chemistry (Bachelor of Science) and business (Master of Business Administration) supports her role as director of faculty, staff, and operations. Jennifer has studied and prepared papers on preschool education, collaborating with numerous individuals to develop best practices for DMMS.

Jennifer assists in hiring personnel and evaluating teacher performance to ensure quality and to identify areas for further training. She organizes and administers in-service training and prepares periodic reports on performance goals and objectives. Maintaining positive relations with parents and community members is an important aspect of Jennifer's responsibilities. She also assures that DMMS operations are consistently on target with Utah’s Childcare Licensing regulations as well as the Health Department regulations.

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