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Chapter 1 What is Montessori?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 17:59

When people would ask me "What is Montessori?" I had a hard time explaining it to them. I would tell them how it began and what the children would do in the classroom but I was never fully able to explain what Montessori is. Many of us probably feel that way.

In chapter one of The Tao of Montessori it says, "The idea that there is a "Montessori", one way to respond, one way to prepare the classrooms, one training program, one school day, one magic combination of ingredients that makes a classroom or a school a "real" Montessori program separates us from our authentic work." This makes it hard for us to live up to what we learn and want to practice. It makes our goals unrealistic or unattainable. "When we realize that Montessori is a verb, an action and not a thing, we grant ourselves the grace to grow... We grant ourselves the union of community..." I guess I would say that Montessori is not something that can be fully described but more something to be observed, learned, practiced, and cherished. You can describe Montessori to others as a way of becoming a master of the better you.

What are your thoughts about this chapter and the question - What is Montessori?


~ Ms. Annie