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The Dancing Moose Spanish Immersion Program

Friday, 28 November 2008 01:42 Published in Special Programs

Our Spanish Immersion Program continues full-time this fall.

Spanish Immersion in a Dual Language Classroom



Children have flourished in their Spanish Immersion classroom that was initiated in the fall of 2011, and our upcoming academic year will continue full time Spanish Immersion as part of a Dual Language English and Spanish classroom.  Two teachers will alternate teaching core curriculum in English and Spanish, providing the perfect opportunity for children to excel in both languages as they learn from a teacher whose first language is English and a second teacher whose first language is Spanish.  Ample research indicates that cognitive advantages occur beyond language acquisition to excelling in critical and creative thinking skills across multiple subject areas.


English and Spanish Academic Goals


The majority of children in the Kindergarten Dual language classroom speak English as a first language.  The primary academic goal will be to support Kindergarten core objectives in English and supplement activities in Spanish on a daily basis.  Children will work on class activities in both Spanish and English; one teacher will speak in English and the other will speak primarily Spanish in the classroom; language arts and mathematics instructional materials will be available in both English and Spanish.



Spanish-Immersion-Program-4Academic Research Supports the Dual Language Classroom


Dancing Moose is not introducing a new concept with its Dual Language English/ Spanish classroom, but it is certainly taking advantage of the momentum of quality programs around the country that are capitalizing on children’s enhanced creativity and analytical thinking in a Dual Language program.  Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas, noted researchers in Dual Language programs, have documented that children exposed to a second language learn at a more rapid rate.  Bilingual researcher Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto stated that “several studies have linked bilingualism to improved working memory, which is associated with reading and math skills.” 


In research conducted at Nanjing University in China, bilingual seven-year-old children outperformed their monolingual peers on two working memory tests—one requiring them to recall and rearrange a series of numbers and the other to retrace a pattern of hops made my an animated frog on a computer screen.  Researchers say that the best way to become proficient in a second language is to start young and practice often (Scientific American Mind, July/August, 2011).

Kindergarten is an ideal time for children to begin to experience the advantages of Dual Language instruction, and we look forward to launching our new Dual Language Classroom at Dancing Moose this fall.

Best of State

Friday, 08 May 2009 19:59 Published in News and Events

medalDancing Moose Montessori is proud to be awarded Best of State in the Education: Preschool category for 2009!

Read more here.

Dancing Moose Virtual Tour

Tuesday, 05 May 2009 15:22 Published in Our Facility

Take a look around Dancing Moose

Click and drag within each image to move around the room

Lobby / Hallway




Multipurpose Room


Outside Playground

Outside Playground

Outside Playground

Convenient Location

Tuesday, 03 March 2009 05:59 Published in Contact

DMMS is located in the Lake Park Corporate Center in West Valley City, UT. Lake Park is conveniently located just off of highway 201 (in close proximity to I-215 and I-15) and Bangerter Highway. DMMS is on the North side of Lake Park (Links Drive) across the street from the Stonebridge Golf Club.

Dancing Moose Montessori School
4428 Links Drive (2400 South Bangerter Highway)
West Valley City, UT 84120



Contact Us

Monday, 02 March 2009 06:51 Published in Contact

How to contact Dancing Moose

We welcome emails or phone calls to answer any questions you may have.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (801) 968-0100

Dancing Moose Administration

Dr. Joyce Sibbett Ph.D., President
Phone: (801) 968-0100, ext 3
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Jennifer Duffield MBA, Director
Phone: (801) 968-0100, ext 1
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Mike Sibbett, Vice President
Phone: (801) 968-0100, ext 3
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Dancing Moose has two convienent locations.

ourschool 6

Lake Park, West Valley

4428 Links Drive
West Valley City, UT 84120


River Park, South Jordan

10995 South River Front Parkway
South Jordan, UT 84095

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Our Playground at Dancing Moose

Monday, 02 March 2009 06:48 Published in Our Facility

playground_1The spacious playground features equipment that offers a variety of activities for several children at the same time. Safety is a guiding principal on the playground--the play area is covered with a rubberized, cushioned soft fall area. The equipment gives children a variety of playground options from simple to more challenging play events, allowing children to develop skills as they play.

The playground also features tricycles for children to ride along a winding path on a designated area of the playground. Traffic signs help to create a realistic environment, and serve as a learning tool to help children become skilled at identifying and understanding the purposes of basic traffic signs.

Dancing Moose's outdoor amphitheatre provides a setting where children's imaginations soar as they choreograph plays for each other and for parent programs.  The grassy, rolling hills are perfect for active play with elevations to help toddlers improve their balance and gross motor skills.

Following are pictures of our commercial grade equipment manufactured by Little Tikes Commercial.

play_preschool_equipmentplay_toddler_equipmentplay_priderock play_4_seat_tetter

Free-Movement Room at Dancing Moose

Monday, 02 March 2009 06:47 Published in Our Facility

free movement roomDMMS finds great importance in children’s physical development and coordination. The free-movement room allows each child to participate in activities such as karate, dance, yoga, music enrichment and instrumental percussion. DMMS does not charge extra for these activities because the founders recognize the importance of every child's participation. They are committed to the value of community membership.

Dancing Moose Kitchen Facilities

Monday, 02 March 2009 06:47 Published in Our Facility

ourkitchenOur kitchen is fully equipped according to the Utah Department of Health Regulations. It provides a hot lunch as well as three snacks for full-time students: a morning snack, afternoon snack and take-home snack.  Part-time students enjoy one snack during their session.

Nutrition is of the utmost importance to DMMS. The chef is experienced in creating healthy, balanced meals from scratch. A monthly menu will be provided to parents. Special dietary needs will be accommodated at parents' request.