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Elementary Program

By the time children reach kindergarten, first, and second grades, they are ready for center rotations, which include work in the core areas of language arts and mathematics as well as other rotating subjects.  Teachers utilize this time to work with small guided reading groups and provide individualized instruction in math concepts. 

Guided reading, including online A to Z readers, support each student’s reading development, and the Math Expressions program is a sound, research-based program that supports individualized ability levels.  Computer rotation in extended language arts and math concepts is one of the daily centers, and children participate in science, art, Spanish, and library rotations each afternoon.  Integrated science and social studies based on core-inspired thematic units are also incorporated into monthly instruction. 

The center rotations help ensure that children are exposed to core curricular goals on a regular basis, and they provide opportunities for small group collaboration.  Instruction in the elementary program helps students acquire skills that facilitate transition into a school setting after second grade.  Children participate in dance, yoga, and Tae Kwon Do, which are part of the Dancing Moose emphasis on the whole child.