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Preschool Program

The three-to-five-year-old classroom is structured with multiple work areas to facilitate ongoing curricular objectives.  The language arts focus includes phonemic awareness with letter boxes and objects to attract and retain children’s interest. The California Reading Program and Pink reading emphasize reading and writing words at progressive levels to help children blend syllables and practice writing them. These programs combined with leveled readers help students begin reading as early as they are ready, and parents can reinforce learning at home by viewing their child’s progress in weekly emails. 

Math is introduced with a variety of concrete materials—all designed to build children’s conceptual awareness. Math materials introduce multiplication and division if a child is interested and ready for these math processes.  Social studies and science are arranged in integrated thematic units that are rotated monthly.  These thematic units include language arts, math, and art curriculum.  On a weekly basis, children participate in dance, yoga, and Tae Kwon Do, which are part of the Dancing Moose emphasis on the whole child.