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Toddlers & Twos Program

Beginning in the toddler classes, children work independently to develop critical thinking skills and self confidence from completing work that they have chosen.

The toddler classroom is equipped with a child-sized sink and a variety of Montessori and other age-appropriate materials displayed at the toddlers’ eye level.  Learning materials consist of high quality Montessori materials, each with a distinct purpose for the child.  Rugs and tables designate activity space;  Music, dancing, and singing are also a regular part of this classroom.  Just outside the toddler door is a separate age-appropriate playground for children under three.  Some of children’s favorite activities include watering plants with spray bottles, visiting the gym to sing and dance and play with balls, bubbles, and parachutes.  Practical life activities include washing hands, wiping tables, pouring water, grasping with tongs, and many others.  The environment is carefully prepared to facilitate exploration and discovery.

Phonemic Awareness is an important part of the two-year-old classroom.  Children learn how to break apart a word by sounds before they even begin to recognize the written symbols.  Once a child recognizes that sounds make up words, the child learns to associate the letters with sounds.  For math, children begin to recognize numerical symbols, and they begin to associate quantities with the symbols.